DailyLit News: Banned Books Week

DailyLit News: Banned Books Week


Note from the Founder

It's Banned Books Week so we're celebrating books that have been banned through the ages. From Alice in Wonderland to The Bible, I'm always amazed at which books have been banned. So I figure what better way to celebrate the week than by picking up (or in DailyLit's case, signing up for) a book that's been banned. Anyone up for it? Let's all band together against banning books!

Susan Danziger
Founder and CEO, DailyLit
Twitter:@susandanziger, @dailylit

Vote for Your Favorite Banned Book

Which is your favorite banned book? You can vote here for one of these in DailyLit's library or any others that may have been banned:
-Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (a classic)
-Henry David Thoreau's On the Duty of Civil Obedience (get inspired)
-Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin (learn first hand why it's controversial)
-Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (I can't believe that was banned)
-And then there's The Bible (need I say more).
We've created a special category on DailyLit of Banned Books where you can find other possible entries.
So, what's your favorite banned book? You can vote here now.

Creative Challenge: School Jitters

Now that our kids have settled into school, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. But before we forget those first day jitters, I thought it would be fun to ask about your own first days of school. So in one sentence, describe a scene or memory from that time. Recall how you felt here.

Highlight: Back to School Video Courses

With back to school time, I thought I'd feature DailyLit's expanded library of Khan Academy Video Courses. My kids have used them for basic math, and I've watched ones on the French Revolution and biology (I admit, I've stayed away from ones on differential equations and organic chemistry). You can find the entire DailyLit library of video courses here, including ones on investing, probability and even brain teasers. Why should kids have all the fun.

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